Location : Kastamonu
Employer: T.C Kastamonu University
Role: Main Contractor
Contract Date: 10.11.2010
End of Contract: 26.01.2012
The Scope of Work:
• 2 Energy Substation and Transmission Building Construction and Indoor Mounting Installation.
• 2 x 1100 KVA Diesel Generator Set and Sychronization Installation.
• 1 kV LV and 36 kV 1x95 mm2 XLPE Underground Cables Installation.
• Installation of 36 kV Metal Enclosed Cubicles.
• Installation of Low Voltage and Medium Voltage University Campus Electricity Grid and Galvanised Lighting Poles.
• Installation of 36kV Power Transformers, LV Panels, Compensation Panels, Rack Cabinets.
• Installation of Lightning, Earthing, CCTV, Fire Alarm and Indoor Lighting Systems.
• Installation of Whole LV and HV Automation Systems Of University.