CONTRACT DATE : 10/3/1998
COMPLETION PERIOD : 12 MONTHS Works that were realized in this plant are detaily as follows
CABLE TRAYS : These trays were heavy industrial type and 300-500-600-800 mm wide.
CABLE PULLING : Nearly 1250 km. cable was pulled in this power plant for power, kontrol, command, coaxial and fiber-optic aims. Sect . area of these cables varies between 800 mm 2 and 0.75 mm 2
PANEL MOUNTING : Approximately, 1000 panel were mounted for 6 units which includes 4 gas turbine and 2 steam turbine. Panel sizes were variable.
TERMINATION : Related with the connection of cables to panels and equipments nearly 125000 connection were made. These connection were made for the cables which has sectional area between 800 mm 2 and 0.75 mm 2 and they were connected and marked in the voltage step between 10.5 kV,48 volt.
ISOLATED BAR MOUNTING : The total length of the isolated bars were 770 meters which covers 6 units. These bars were connected together by aluminum welding. Totaly in 300 points aluminum welding was applied.
DRY TYPE TRANSFORMER MOUNTING : Internal feeding is supplied by dry type transformers. Totaly 12 dry type transformer were mounted which have 2500 kVA power capacity.
GENERATOR EXCITATION SYSTEMS : Related with the warning systems of 6 units, excitation transfromers, excitation panels and DC connection were made.
FIRE ALARM SYSTEMS : Fire alarm systems in power plant (Smoke detectors, heat detectors, etc.) were mounted, connected and commisioned.
ILUMINATION SYSTEMS : For the main buildings in the power plant, ilumination and low voltage supply was mounted and commisioned with material.
FIRE ISOLATION : In case of possibility of any fire in the system, all cable joints were isolated by a material that resist to fire in order to prevent spreading of fire.
SUB-STRUCTURE POWER FEEDING : All feeding cables of power plant and auxillary unIts (social buildings, workshops, offices, auxillary boiler, hydrogen building and water purification unit) were pulled, terminated and commisioned.
WORKS IN STEAM BOILERS : I) all instrument equipments were mounted that belongs to two steam boilers and four gas turbine (app. 2000 unit) , i n addition, instrument pipes were also mounted and tested. Material for pipes were copper and stainless steel. II) For cables 36000 meter galvanized pipe were used.
EARTHING : All equipments and panels in power plant were earthed and totally 40000 meter earthing cable which has sectional area between 120 mm 2 ile 10 mm 2 were used.